Thanks for your support


We're indebted to the late Don Julio Contreras, one of our most generous supporters and knowledgeable mentors. Throughout his life he published countless books, articles, and journals, and helped found local and international NGOs. He was a professor, a scientist, a mentor, and a close friend. Don Julio's generosity has  allowed us a place to continue the work that he dedicated his life to. We know he would be proud of the success of our projects.


Thanks also to all of our Crowdrise campaign donors, especially team members Jack Sarvary, Vivi Magistra, Victoria Austin, Jeni Oborn, Karen Clarke, Jane Barr, Alyssa Ridley, Molly Sarvary, Samuel Morel and Alicia Pache, Anna O’Riordan, Holly O’Donnell, Joshua York, Ryan Manders and Kelly Rebergen.


Do something Para La Tierra

We love people who are willing to do something for Para La Tierra. If you raise funds for Para La Tierra we’ll give you a discount of 40% of whatever you raised from your volunteer or internship fee. So if you raise $500 we’ll reduce your fees by $200. If you want more information or are looking for some ideas to raise money, get in touch.