Scientific internships in South America

As an intern, your experience starts when you begin to discuss your passions and interests with us. By the time you board your flight, you’ll have started your journey on a project designed completely by you. On arrival, we’ll train you in all the techniques you’ll need to make your project a success.

Internships are available year-round. They can fit around your schedule, but you should plan to spend three months or more with Para La Tierra to maximize your project’s efficacy. Still too early in your career to design your own project? You can assist on a project that’s already been designed. Interns must be over 19 years old and able to speak English or Spanish. You must also be have, or be working towards, a degree in a related field, or have relevant experience.



Science Projects

Para La Tierra is currently the only year-round scientific research station in the country. In the last six years, PLT has published the most scientific papers of any scientific organisation, discovered tens of new species for Paraguay and a couple new for science. You can be a part of our continued success by joining our scientific team.



Community Projects

Our environmental education program focuses on skill building activities which enhance knowledge and prepare children to be leaders in their own communities. We hope that one day they’ll see themselves as the change-makers. Participate in the development of our Eco-Club lessons and activities, and join in having fun with local kids every week. At least basic Spanish is required. 



Museum Projects

Our museum and scientific reference collection is one of the things we’re most proud of at Para La Tierra. Our collection is ranked second in the country in terms of representation of Paraguayan fauna, after the National Museum in Asuncion. Work with our museum experts to identify and prepare little-known species.


Because good things don't come for free. 

These are the monthly rates for staying with us. If you're staying for a shorter period we'll work out the cost on a pro-rata basis. You can pay in full, in cash (US$), when you arrive, or by bank transfer before you get here. There’s a cash machine in the local bank. Paying by bank transfer incurs a 5% fee to cover bank charges. 

A 25% discount applies to South American nationals. Accommodation in a private room costs an extra 20%.

Nature of stay Length of stay - Months 1 and 2 Month 3+
Internship (3 months min) $925 per month $875 per month

Costs include:

  • A bed in a shared bedroom with access to a bathroom and separate shower room

  • Three varied meals each day

  • Collection and return from the bus terminal in Pilar to the accommodation, or the nearest town if you’re travelling to a field-site, at the start and end of your stay

  • Unlimited tea, yerba mate and diluting juice

  • Assistance with project development and execution

  • Access to all necessary scientific and educational equipment for use in your project

  • Free WiFi at Pilar and ProCosara


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