Jorge's commitment to conservation education

We're delighted to announce that our education coordinator Jorge Ayala has been rewarded for his work in bringing our conservation message to children across Paraguay. He made an invaluable contribution to our Voces de la Naturaleza programme and takes a real hands-on role in sharing his vast knowledge of Paraguay's flora and fauna with children who attend our eco clubs, as well as PLT interns and volunteers.


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Jack’s South American dream

Jack McBride, volunteer and intern coordinator works primarily in field biology. Though his personal interest is mainly in primates, his role at PLT also involves forays into environmental education, non-profit administration, museum work and taxonomy.


Joe shares our message with US high school students

Joe shares a vital message with students concerned about global perils. “Everybody can have an impact — and working for an NGO is one of the best ways to do it,” 


Meet Becca, our National Geographic Explorer

PLT’s Becca Smith is a member of an elite team of ground-breaking scientists, conservationists, educators, and storytellers, funded by National Geographic to help make an impact for the planet.


PLT’s Joe chosen for NAAEE’s 30 Under 30

Joe was honoured to be part of the largest congress dedicated to improving environmental education around the world. He spoke about Voces de la Naturaleza, the conservation education programme he and Jorge Ayala created.

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Joe Sarvary interviewed by the twelve 01 project

The twelve 01 project caught up with Joe while he attended the One Young World Summit in October 2017. Hear what he had to say about being an environmentalist.

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Karina Atkinson - a fierce conservationist

Karina is interviewed for the Fierce Women's Collective website. 


2017 Climate Justice Award winner announced

The winner of the 2017 Climate Justice Award has been announced by One Young World as Joseph Sarvary of Paraguay. He is a founding member and Deputy Director of Fundacion Para La Tierra

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Rebecca Smith: a fierce primatologist

"Yeah, it was a very big culture shock at first….mainly because I think there was some bit of my brain that thought some people would speak English (laughs)…I was wrong."

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New lizard discovered in Paraguay lives only on private reserve that is up for sale

Tropidurus lagunablanca was first discovered by Fundacion Para La Tierra, a conservation NGO in Paraguay. The lizard was named after the Reserva Natural Laguna Blanca and has been designated as critically endangered.

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Yucatán y Paraguay unidos en Pro del medio ambiente y la educación ambiental

Karina Atkinson y Maritza Morales son jóvenes laureadas de los Pemios Young Laureates Rolex Awards for Enterprise recibido en Ginebra Suiza en el año 2013. Fue en 2012 cuando tuvieron la oportunidad de conocerse en Nueva Delhi, India durante el anuncio de dicho galardón.

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Donna dell'Anno 2017: è la biologa Karina Atkinson che ha fondato una riserva protetta in Paraguay

Karina Atkinson è la ‘Donna dell’anno 2017’, un premio istituito nel 1998 che premia le donne impegnata nella promozione della pace, nella difesa dei diritti umani e nello sviluppo sostenibile.

Conservation Continues in Paraguay’s Biodiversity Hotspot

Since winning the Rolex Enterprise Award in 2012, Karina Atkinson and her organization, Para La Tierra (PLT), have received much positive attention for their conservation efforts in South America’s forgotten corner.


Biólogos investigan en reserva Laguna Blanca, Ultima Hora

Integrantes de una organización no gubernamental, encabezados por biólogos de Escocia y Estados Unidos, hace 5 años vienen impulsando un programa de conservación ecológica de la reserva natural Laguna Blanca.

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Laguna Blanca, con mucho por descubrir y disfrutar

Jóvenes investigadores y ambientalistas, en su mayoría extranjeros, apuestan por la protección del hábitat de la fauna y flora e investigación científica de Laguna Blanca, ubicada en Santa Rosa del Aguaray.

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Saving Habitat and Changing Attitudes in Paraguay, Innovate Development

Atkinson’s goal is not only to do research and conserve the space and wildlife, but also to change attitudes of the locals

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

How technology is taking conservation science to the next level

Paraguay-based conservation project Para La Tierra are making the most of new tech to increase both environmental impact and reach. Founder Karina Atkinson explains

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Biodiversidad y ecoturismo en Paraguay, Eco Inteliencia

En esta ocasión os presentamos un proyecto ecointeligente que hemos conocido a través de los Premios Rolex a la Iniciativa. 


È Karina Atkinson la la vincitrice del premio "La Donna dell’Anno 2017

Il Premio “La Donna dell’Anno” è stato istituito nel 1998 dal Consiglio regionale della Valle D’Aosta per sostenere l’attività e i progetti di donne straordinarie impegnate nella promozione della pace, nella difesa dei diritti umani e nello sviluppo sostenibile in diverse aree del mondo.


Voluntourism in Paraguay, Essential Travel

Karina Atkinson, a genetics graduate from Glasgow University, is the poster woman for voluntourism being a life-changing experience.

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Little NGO takes on goliath task: conserving the vanishing ecosystems of Paraguay

Landlocked in the navel of South America, the forests, wetlands and savannahs of Paraguay boast rich biodiversity and endemic species, yet the unique landscapes of Paraguay also face increasing threats, primarily from agricultural expansion.

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East Kilbride woman helps discover 50 new species in Paraguay lake that time forgot

Karina Atkinson help set up a nature reserve in Paraguay three years ago and among the creatures she's found include the naked-tailed armadillo and the white-bellied woolly mouse opossum.


Pequeña ONG emprende una gran tarea: conservar los ecosistemas en vías de extinción de Paraguay

Sin litoral en el ombligo de América del Sur, los bosques, los humedales y las sabanas de Paraguay cuentan con una rica biodiversidad y especies endémicas, sin embargo, los paisajes únicos de Paraguay también se enfrentan a crecientes amenazas, principalmente de la expansión agrícola.

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Meet the 2012 Young Laureates of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise

Five young men and women who embody the spirit of enterprise, the ideas and will to make the world a better place, were named today the 2012 Young Laureates of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise.


Para La Tierra fights back
Earth Times

Paraguay is a small country sandwiched between the giants of South America. It is overlooked both by travellers and by conservationists. 


The Step-by-Step Guide to Exploration | Karina Atkinson | TEDxUniversityofGlasgow

With an emphasis on finding the path to becoming an explorer, Karina shares her personal experience of transitioning from being a student to living and working in Paraguay, where she has an impact on the protection of endangered habitats and species. 


Ecological Study of the White-Winged Nightjar (Eleothreptus candicans)
The Rufford Foundation

This will be the first accurate count of a breeding population of White-winged Nightjars in one site; all other counts to-date have been estimates extrapolated from sample data collected at one location within a site. 

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

University of Glasgow Young Alumnus of the Year

Karina Atkinson was awarded Young Alumnus of the Year 2013 by the University of Glasgow for her conservation work in Paraguay. 

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Rolex Award for Enterprise

PLT founder Karina Atkinson becomes 2012 Rolex Young Laurette. 


"Why we're watching… Karina Atkinson"
The Guardian

There are no big animals here like there are in Africa, but there are plenty of reptiles and amphibians just waiting to be discovered.

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

(c)Rolex Awards/Kirsten Holst

Rolex Young Laureate leads conservation in Paraguay

A trip to Paraguay in 2008 changed the life of Karina Atkinson, a young woman from Glasgow, Scotland, with big ambitions.