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How do I pay Para La Tierra

You can pay in cash on arrival - we accept US dollars or guaranis. You can also pay by bank transfer in advance. All bank transfers incur a 5% surcharge to cover the fees we're charged by our bank. 

Please bring Paraguayan Guaranis with you as other currencies aren't accepted locally. They are hard to find internationally, but you can get them from any cash machine in Paraguay, or bring US dollars to change.

How do I get from Asuncion to Pilar?

The best thing to do is to get a taxi to the bus terminal. Tell the driver you want to go to termeeenal de colectivos, and say it just like that. Once you get into the bus station, there are two floors. You buy the tickets on the top floor, and the buses leave from the lower floor at the back of the station. Once you get your ticket, there will be a number which tells you which parking spot your bus will be at. You can put your cases in the hold under the bus safely and there will be a guy there to help you do that (have some change ready for him).

Asuncion - Pilar Company
7:15 Ñeembucú
11:15 Ñeembucú
12:00 La Encarnacena
14:00 Ciudad de Pilar
18:00 Ciudad de Pilar
22:30 La Encarnacena
23:30 Ñeembucú

There are several bus companies coming our way – La Encarnacena, Neembucu, and Ciudad de Pilar:

If your flight arrives after midday, you’ll need to spend the night in Asuncion and travel to Pilar the next morning. We recommend Hotel Portal del Sol, who offer online bookings in English and complimentary airport pick-ups. 

We’ll pick you up at the bus terminal in Pilar. You can call at any time throughout your journey on +595 985 260074 or from a Paraguayan phone on 0985260074 if you need help. Please let us know when you arrive in Paraguay and again to tell us what time you're getting the bus so we can plan to be there to pick you up.

What about first aid?

We have a complete first aid kit but you’ll need to bring a few items with you to take into the field each day. Please bring:

Pressure bandage Assorted plasters Antibacterial hand gel and wipes Oral rehydration sachets Sterile dressing, micropore tape and bandage Non drowsy antihistamines If you arrive without any of these items let us know.

Do I need any vaccinations?

Please consult with your GP or local travel clinic for advice on which vaccinations you need before travelling to Paraguay. Yellow Fever is necessary for entry into Paraguay.

To undertake fieldwork with PLT we ask that you have an up to date tetanus vaccination. For anyone wishing to work with small mammals we strongly suggest that you have a rabies pre-exposure vaccine (three injections – allow time!). The rabies pre-exposure is compulsory if you wish to work with bats. Please bring your vaccination card with you.

Malaria is not present in Paraguay but if you are staying with us as part of a bigger trip around South America we recommend you continue taking your prophylaxis while you are with us.

I want to learn about Paraguay, what books should I read?

Try 'At the Tomb of the Inflatable Pig' by John Gimlette. It's a popular account of a visit to Paraguay. He exaggerates a bit, but it is a decent read. Avoid “Serpents in Paradise' which is probably the worst book written about a country ever! It verges on the libellous against a whole nation.

'The News from Paraguay' by Lily Tuck is a historical novel about the country based during the Triple Alliance War which essentially shaped the future of the country. Also look for books about Eliza Lynch who was a pretty important historical character at that time.

The Paraguay Reader is also an informative read, providing much more relevant and up-to-date opinions that those listed above.

Will I be able to use my debit or credit card in Paraguay?

If you've got a Visa or MasterCard symbol on your card you should be OK. Your card will work at most cash machines and you can withdraw 1.5 million guaranies (approx $265 at September 2017) a day. Best tell your bank that you'll be using your card abroad in case they think there's anything fraudulent going on.

I want to spend a couple of days in Asuncion, where should I stay?

If you want a nice hotel in the centre of town for a reasonable price, with English speakers and an airport pick-up try Palmas del Sol. ( There are also nice, clean and well-priced hostels in the centre, if you’d prefer a more dynamic experience. Black Cat, El Nomada and El Viajero are all good choices. If you’d prefer to experience the more upmarket areas, cinemas and bars, try mid-priced Hotel Boggiani, Maison Suisse or Portal del Sol (also offers airport pick-up).

Will I need a mobile phone?

Yes, if you want to work independently you'll need a mobile phone and Paraguayan SIM card. You’ll get reception in most places using the Tigo network, and Tigo SIM cards are sold all over the country, including in the airport sometimes. If you're not able to arrive with these please let us know and we'll help you buy one at the first opportunity.

Will I be able to call home?

The reality is that all international calls to and from here are pretty pricey and we use Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp as much as we can. We've got two laptops here that you can access and if you have Skype at home it's the best way to keep in touch. An international phone will be fine as well.