Tell us what you’re good at

We’re always looking for people who have special skills that could help us to further our mission.

Our volunteers have helped us make videos, illustrate the plants and animals we've found, paint signage, recycle materials to make furniture, even a bit of tiling. We need help with all these things, plus advertising, social media, fundraising, translation, creation of engagement materials and more. If you’ve a talent, we can put it to use!

Intern spotlight: Greg Fivash (USA)

Greg was a one-of-a-kind intern who added extraordinary value to Para La Tierra. Greg is an incredible artist, highly skilled in animal drawing. While he was able to spend a significant amount of time in the field, he was also able to contribute art for a frog field guide, creating award-winning drawings. Greg reckons that one of the most important lessons that he took away from his time with PLT was how conservation and ecology operates in a real-life context.

What I found wonderful was that it was as easy as a conversation over breakfast to get involved in, and to contribute to, the projects of your peers. In terms of lessons learned my time here was probably worth more to me than my entire experience in academic higher learning.
— Greg Fivash (USA)