Primate projects

Primates aren’t just cute, charismatic mammals, they’re also important indicators of the health of their environment.

If you’re thinking about a career in primatology or behavioural science, studying capuchin monkeys with our resident primatologist Becca Smith could be just what you need to get on-track.

Intern spotlight: Emily Briggs (USA)

Emily first came to PLT in 2014 to carry out a mark-and-recapture study of the Gracile mouse opossum (Gracilianus agilis). She returned the following year to work with the primate team and participated in a camera trapping study of the hooded capuchins. As a result of her dedication, Emily became the first primate team volunteer to publish a research article, and she presented a poster at the 2016 International Primatological Society conference in Chicago. 

Since leaving PLT Emily has studied rhesus macaques at the California National Primate Research Center. She’s currently a PhD candidate at Yale University where she studies the impacts of habitat fragmentation and land-use on owl monkey populations in the Gran Chaco.